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The death of a child at any age from any cause, is a shattering experience for a family. When a child dies, a family needs emotional support for the long grief journey that lies ahead. Whether the child you morn died before birth, as an infant, child, teen, or adult, we will walk with you for as long as the journey takes.

We are truly glad that you found us but deeply saddened by the reason. We know that you are trying to find your way in a bewildering experience for which no one can truly be prepared. There is no one “right way” to grieve. Coming to a meeting of The Compassionate Friends is a very brave step on your grief journey. You will be able to listen and learn from others who are farther down the grief road. They will have made it through that first birthday, first death anniversary, first holiday, and so many other “firsts” that you have not yet reached. You will learn coping skills from other bereaved parents who, like you, never thought they’d survive. There are no strangers at TCF meetings – only friends you have not yet met.

We welcome you to our meetings with open hearts. You will find hugs of friendship and understanding. You will hear stories of pain but also stories of hope. You will find caring members, who are not professionals, but who understand much of your pain, for they have been there too.


Goals of the Grand Rapids Chapter

  • To offer support and understanding to families after the death of a child

  • To listen and provide a confidential, safe environment for bereaved families to share their stories

  • To provide monthly sharing groups open to all races, religions and ethnic groups

  • To provide acquaintances and friendships with other parents, siblings and grandparents whose sorrow has softened and who have found fresh hope and strength for living

  • To sponsor our annual candle lighting program in December, bringing peace and comfort to bereaved families as we honor and remember all of our children.....

    .....That their light may always shine.

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